Our assess­ments are designed to ensure the high­est lev­el of pre­dic­tiv­i­ty as pos­si­ble and to accu­rate­ly and pre­cise­ly iden­ti­fy future high-po tal­ents, key per­form­ers, and peo­ple ready to face all the pri­or­i­ties need­ed by the orga­ni­za­tion. Thanks to a mul­ti-rater and evi­dence-based approach, along with the use of val­i­dat­ed tools, we ensure our clients the best out­come as pos­si­ble to achieve every busi­ness aim. Our solu­tions are ful­ly co-designed and inte­grat­ed into each orga­ni­za­tion’s busi­ness process, with tools based on the best adap­tive tech­nolo­gies avail­able on the mar­ket. The per­son is at the heart: our com­mit­ment is to offer an excel­lent can­di­date expe­ri­ence, sid­ing and encour­ag­ing the per­son to become an active part of his or her devel­op­ment and career path.

Main needs assessment

We believe in the devel­op­ment and evo­lu­tion of peo­ple and busi­ness­es and have built an assess­ment archi­tec­ture designed to respond to spe­cif­ic orga­ni­za­tion­al and indi­vid­ual chal­lenges and needs.

Potential assessment

Designed to mea­sure pure or future poten­tial, that is rel­e­vant to all process­es, be they hir­ing, suc­ces­sion plan­ning or poten­tial map­ping, to name a few.

Talent assessment

Designed to assess the tal­ent index built on spe­cif­ic and accu­rate cri­te­ria, that take into account the most rel­e­vant char­ac­ter­is­tics of each mar­ket and each com­pa­ny.

Readiness Assessment/Succession Plan

Designed to mea­sure the readi­ness of the per­son to ful­fill a spe­cif­ic tar­get role or posi­tion.

Role Fit and Complexity Fit Assessment

Designed to mea­sure the orga­ni­za­tion­al fit for exist­ing or future posi­tions and tar­get roles.

Development Assessment

Ded­i­cat­ed to the devel­op­ment of the per­son, to all his or her exper­tise aspects, from man­age­r­i­al and key com­pe­ten­cies, to his or her poten­tial, from moti­va­tion to self-aware­ness as key ele­ments for any suc­cess­ful growth path.

Complexity Level Assessment

All of our Assess­ment & Devel­op­ment Cen­ters are designed tak­ing into account the orga­ni­za­tion­al com­plex­i­ty that each role with­in a com­pa­ny must over­see. We guar­an­tee this through our Career Archi­tec­ture Frame­work, which is artic­u­lat­ed into the fol­low­ing lev­els of com­plex­i­ty:

Executive & C‑level

Lead­ers who report direct­ly to the CEO and/or are mem­bers of the Board.

Senior managers

Man­agers who active­ly par­tic­i­pate in set­ting cor­po­rate strat­e­gy and are respon­si­ble for busi­ness units or for man­ag­ing a sig­nif­i­cant por­tion of the busi­ness and its relat­ed bud­get.

Middle managers

Indi­vid­u­als who for­mal­ly man­age teams and projects, oper­at­ing bud­gets or func­tions, active­ly imple­ment­ing strate­gies and cor­po­rate busi­ness mod­els.

Individual Contributors & First Supervisors

Indi­vid­u­als charged with car­ry­ing out their own indi­vid­ual busi­ness objec­tives, placed some­times with­in broad perime­ters of action, with occa­sion­al oppor­tu­ni­ties to coor­di­nate oth­er peo­ple or teams. First Super­vi­sors are Indi­vid­ual Con­trib­u­tors who reg­u­lar­ly have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to coor­di­nate peo­ple, teams and/or projects, with­out hav­ing for­mal respon­si­bil­i­ty for mak­ing deci­sions for them.

Special Assessment

In order to respond to the new chal­lenges of a chang­ing world and be pre­pared to under­stand how to equip orga­ni­za­tions and peo­ple at their best, we have designed and imple­ment­ed assess­ment envi­ron­ments that mea­sure and train peo­ple to be enablers, facil­i­ta­tors of change, able to build­ing and imple­ment­ing projects where the track is not yet ful­ly vis­i­ble. In par­tic­u­lar, we have cre­at­ed assess­ment paths focused on:

Dig­i­tal Trans­for­ma­tion


Diver­si­ty & Inclu­sion




Extra Com­plex­i­ty Tenure

People metrics

In a world marked by a com­plex­i­ty that has become struc­tural­ly the norm, the abil­i­ty to read and con­nect all the data with each oth­er is need­ed to sup­port high-impact choic­es and to plan solu­tions not yet vis­i­ble by the only human eyes: and this is the core pur­pose on how Peo­ple Met­rics Index have been designed. A dash­board with dynam­ic index gen­er­at­ed by research and con­tin­u­ous stud­ies of the mar­ket, run by the best orga­ni­za­tions and peo­ple that are strong­ly part of the best Uni­ver­si­ties and Research Cen­ters around the world. The Peo­ple Met­ric Dash­board includes, just to name a few:

Career Steps and Growth Index

Attrac­tive­ness Index

Com­pe­ti­tion Index

Suc­ces­sion Plan­ning Calls Index

Poten­tial Index

Indi­vid­ual Com­pe­ten­cy Index

Per­for­mance Index

Agili­ty Index


All the indi­ca­tors have been feed­ed by the data that com­pa­nies already have and have been inte­grat­ed plug-and-play with all those data avail­able in the mar­ket­place, in order to evolve orga­ni­za­tion­al needs and dynam­ics through just-in-time answers.

Assessment Connections

Our Assess­ment and Peo­ple Met­rics path­ways and tools are designed to have been quick­ly inte­grat­ed with every devel­op­ment and orga­ni­za­tion­al process­es that involves the per­son. They offer an accu­rate mea­sure­ment sys­tem, to iden­ti­fy on which com­pe­tences to invest in, which train­ing and on-the-job train­ing pro­grams to draw, and show which coach­ing paths may be most suit­able and how to trig­ger them for any per­son. The same goes for more orga­ni­za­tion­al fea­tures such as redefin­ing or har­mo­niz­ing per­for­mance appraisal sys­tems, tal­ent strat­e­gy and tal­ent acqui­si­tion approach­es as well as the most suit­able con­fig­u­ra­tions of reward­ing and well-being sys­tems, just to men­tion a few. All our Assess­ment Archi­tec­ture & Peo­ple Met­rics ser­vices work in a HUB­bing and con­nect­ing mind­set, to facil­i­tate and acti­vate all the actions that tru­ly empow­er peo­ple and orga­ni­za­tions to be Evo­lu­tion­ers.