Chiara Gianone

Senior Search Asso­ciate

Exec­u­tive Search

Auto­mo­tive & e‑mobility

Indus­tri­al Man­u­fac­tur­ing

Con­tin­u­ous Improve­ment

When I was a child, I had lots of ideas, as many as the flow­ers of the shop I would have been own­er of. Today as Glasford’s Senior Search Asso­ciate my aim is to look for the most suit­able can­di­dates for the evo­lu­tion­ary moment that the com­pa­ny is expe­ri­enc­ing.


I don’t like pre-estab­lished recipes: I believe in the val­ue of deep under­stand­ing with­in each project, in the impor­tance of com­bin­ing an over­all overview and a detailed vision, prob­ing all pos­si­ble paths in order to reach a pre­cise focus on the solu­tion.


For this rea­son, it is essen­tial to col­lect and con­nect tech­ni­cal and busi­ness infor­ma­tion from the mar­ket, in its var­i­ous seg­ments, to build an in-depth knowl­edge of the project and to trans­mit it clear­ly with­in the orga­ni­za­tion as well as towards the cus­tomer.


After count­less paths trav­eled and suc­cess­ful projects, today I am a ref­er­ence point and a trust­ed part­ner both for my col­leagues and our clients, always striv­ing for the solu­tion they do not expect.